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Free DIY Adirondack Chair Plans

Amateur Woodworker Adirondack Chair Plan
Canadian Home Workshop Online Magazine Adirondack Chair Plan
Family Handyman Adirondack Chair Plan
Hometime Magazine Adirondack Chair Plan
Lowe's Adirondack Chair Plan

Lowe's Adirondack Chair Shop Series Videos
MINWAX Adirondack Chair Plan & Ottoman
Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plan
Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plan Set

Adirondack Chair Plans for Sale

Cape Cod'r from Woodworking Den
Woodworking Den The Tiffany Breeze Adirondack Chair Plan
The Fan Back Classic Adirondack Chair Plan from Woodworking Den
Rockler Adirondack Chair Plan
Woodcraft Adirondack Chair Plan, Child
WoodcraftPlans Adirondack Chair Plan, Child

Adirondack Chairs for Sale

Adirondak Chairs

Adirondack Stories, Articles, Information, Travel

The Adirondack Chair, Wikipedia
The Adirondack Museum, Article, David DesJardins, The Boston Globe
Cooperstown Chamber of Commerce
James Fenimore Cooper Society
The Heart of the Adirondacks, Santanoni Preserve, Newcomb
Literary Pilgrimages, Article, Michael Virtanen/AP, St. Petersburg Times
Shoppers World; Rustic Comfort: Adirondack Furniture, Article, Linda Lumsden, The New York Times

Frequently Asked Questions

F.A.Q. Building Adirondack Chairs, Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a chair?
What level of skill do I need?
What tools will I need?
What kind of wood should I use?
What type of finish should I apply?
Which plan should I choose?

How to Make a Twig Whistle

A Traditional Island Whistle, Village Craftsman
Making a Twig Whistle, Country Lovers

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Weekend Woodworking Projects

Hose Storage Bench, Sunset Magazine
Porch Glider Woodworkers Workshop
Step Stool, Popular Mechanics

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