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Rustic Adirondak Chairs

How to Build Adirondack/Muskoka Chairs

Free Woodworking Plans
Build the most comfortable outdoor chair in the world.. Yourself!


Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Set Plan

Free Adirondack Chair & Table Plan from Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Set Plan>

Find out how easily you can build a comfortable adirondack chair using straightforward, easy to follow, instructions. Also discover several FREE DIY (do-it-yourself) woodworking plans. Learn about other simple, enjoyable & rewarding weekend woodworking projects and Adirondak chairs, twig whistles and woodworking supplies.


Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plan

Free Adirondack Chair Plan from Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plan>


F A Q #1

How long does it take to build a chair?

It took me one day, from start to finish, to cut the pieces and assemble the first chair. It took more...

F A Q #6

Which plan should I choose?

I looked at several free plans and photographs and decided, design wise, I did not like any of them completely, but they all had one or two things that I liked a lot. So, more...

Get your reclaim lumber here!

Minwax Adirondack Chair Plan

Free Adirondack Chair Plan & Ottoman from Minwax

MINWAX DIY Adirondack Chair Plan>


F A Q #5

What type of finish should I use

After a thorough sanding, (don't be anxious and cheat on the sanding part!) I applied a more...



LOWES Shop Class-Adirondack Chair Part 1

More LOWES Shop Class
Introduction Part 1: The Sub-Frame
Part 2: The Back Part3: Attaching the Back & Arms
Part 4: Seat & Finishing Touches


Outdoor Life Adirondack Chair Plan

Adirondack Chair Plan from Outdoor Life

Outdoor Life Adirondack Chair Plan>

F A Q #2

What level of skill do I need?

I want to encourage you. I am not a carpenter. I simply like carpentry and was willing to try something new that had a chance of coming out well- and it did! Try for yourself and see! more.>

Hometime Adirondack Chair Plan

Porch Set Plan from Hometime Magazine

Hometime Adirondack Chair Plan>


Professional Wooden Chair Template



F A Q #3

What tools will I need?

In most cases all you will need are the following: more...


Family Handyman Adirondack Chair Plan
Patio Chair Plan from Family Handyman

Family Handyman Adirondack Chair Plan

Canadian Home Workshop Adirondack Chair Plan
Muskoka Chair Plan from Canadian Home Workshop Online Magazine

Canadian Home Workshop Muskoka Chair Plan>

Amateur Woodworker Adirondack Chair Plan
Double Rocker Plan from Amateur Woodworker

Amateur Woodworker Double Rocker Chair Plan>


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